Use TV Advertising To

D2Cx is a marketplace featuring over 135 national TV networks, making it easy for direct-to-consumer brands to test TV advertising at low entry prices, learn what’s working, and scale.

Why Advertise On TV

Unmatched Reach. Unrivaled Performance.

Over 96% of American households have access to TV content. Combine this ubiquity with the power of sight, sound and motion, all in a 100% fraud-free, fully viewable, "lean back" environment, and you’ll see why more D2C brands are turning to TV advertising to reach their customers.

Test, Learn, Scale on TV

We make TV work harder for direct-to-consumer brands by providing the most inventory ever combined in a single marketplace to get you on TV efficiently and help you scale customer growth.

No-fee Media

Launch your campaign in 2018 and receive no fees on your campaigns. Brands that launch before the end of November will receive an additional three months of no-fee media for a portion of 2019.

Lower Barriers to Entry

Get on TV without breaking the bank and launch a campaign for as little as $50k with 100% of the cost allocated toward the purchase of media. Scale smarter to hit CPA and CPV objectives by running TV plans designed to cultivate and detect market signal.

Transparent, Rapid Measurement

Access rapid reporting with our live campaign dashboard to easily view and measure campaign performance.

Intuitive Optimization

Test and learn which days, dayparts, networks, programs and creatives contribute the most to conversions so you can plan and scale accordingly.